Global B2B dealmaking platform
for Wine & Spirits

WeWine helps you close B2B deals faster, easier & cheaper by reducing the research & negotiation processes of market participants.

Leave slow deals to your competitors

Join the digital transformation of В2В transactions which is becoming the new industry standard right in front of your eyes.

  • Rapid В2В deals grow your revenues, rather than loans
    and cost 10 times less than traditional sales modes.

  • Search.Match.Deal.Order
    From finding a channel partner to placing an order. The entire B2B cycle on WeWine, faster than ever.

  • No IT integration or disintegration
    We won’t disturb your existing business processes.

  • It’s all transparent
    A fully-featured 30-day trial period followed by a monthly subscription. Capped at 99 euros.

  • More flexibility for negotiation
    On WeWine, you don't need to attend a meeting at any specific time. You can receive offers and negotiate whenever you can, wherever you are.

  • Leave your routine tasks to AI-powered WeWine Assist
    Free up time for making key decisions.

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WeWine launches in the summer of 2024. Leave your email address for an early access invitation.

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Find out specifically how you can expedite your В2В transactions

For producers

starts here

Simply start using WeWine, and your product will be visible at once in your target markets and distribution channels.

  • Your product card is created by you—and you alone
    Offer a delicious information tasting of your products to potential customers.

  • Invite your existing В2В partners to connect to your product card
    It will create momentum for a next wave of interest in your products. The network effect still works.

  • One moment, please
    WeWine allows you to access a global database of clients, find those who are interested in your product and price category, and get their initial negotiating terms—in a second. And how do you do it now?

  • On WeWine, you don't have to be a sales genius
    You won't even need any special computer skills. It’s all simple and clear.

  • Your Brand journey in real time
    On WeWine, you never lose sight of your product. You know exactly how your product is being sold by each of your channel partners.

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For importers & distributors

Become a true ecommerce company

Boost your B2B sales by taking advantage of unique digital capabilities.

  • Create your online В2В sales channel in 5 minutes
    Connect to your supplier's SKU cards through WeChain to be a fully fledged link in the brand’s global supply chain.

  • Focus on the clients who are more likely to buy from you
    Give more time to those who are statistically ready to purchase your products. It’s been taken care of by the Match Engine algorithms.

  • Offer customized transaction terms to each client
    Display on your screen your В2В clients’ communicated needs and match them. That’s exactly what a client-oriented approach is.

  • Grow your sales with platform analytics
    You have unique online instruments at your disposal—from capturing your brand’s first digital touchpoint to an AI-powered plan of sales growth in target markets and sales channels. You won't find this offline.

  • Engage local communities to promote your portfolio products
    Salespeople, cavistes, waiters, bartenders, sommeliers, agents, experts, and wine clubs in various regions—now they communicate with you directly.

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For buyers

Ready to take a fresh look at buying experience?

Complete a standard search query to get incredible results!

  • Don't worry about missing something
    From now on, you stay in the center of action. All producers and suppliers, along with a global product catalog, are at your fingertips on a single screen. Staying in the loop is as easy as reading your online news feed.

  • With us, you’ll see the difference
    Compare any number of offers from multiple suppliers. Nothing will escape your notice. We guarantee.

  • Manage your inventory faster than your competitors
    Go from market news straight to closing a deal.

  • Maximize your efficiency
    Buy different products on different terms, even from the same supplier.

  • Place orders under agreed terms
    Use Negotiations Board to promptly discuss any adjustments with your supplier, if situation changes.

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For community

Stay in the loop!

Join a global professional community.

  • Your company doesn’t have a WeWine account yet?
    Not to worry. Be proactive. Register yourself now, and we’ll help you become your company’s most informed employee.

  • You are an expert and have things to say about products from the catalog?
    Register on the platform, do what you love to do the most, and use WeWine to gain an international acclaim. You are sure to like it.

  • Enhance your local expertise. It is increasingly valued in a global world
    We’ll take care of suppliers’ agency payments for targeted transactions.

  • Wine clubs and more
    Organize tasting events with the help of WeWine Free Product. Find a tasting schedule for products of interest in your city.

  • Cash in on auditing shelf space
    You are at the junction between the offline and online worlds. Use your position. And your smartphone.

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WeWine FAQ

Can I initiate my trial without linking a bank card?

Yes. Later, you will be prompted to link a bank card to your account. When you link a new card, it will be debited and immediately credited back for a small amount. We do this to make sure the card is okay.

What is a verified user?

It’s a user who has passed verification for accuracy of data they have provided. When you open an account, you enter corporate data that will be verified. You don't need to provide any other documents. Upon verification, your company will be assigned a visible status.

How do you ensure data privacy?

We strive for a balance between openness and privacy. If your situation is highly sensitive, you may use a simple switch to choose the private mode for the data provided by your company. However, under the parity principle, you won't be able to receive similar market information from other platform participants.

What happens to my data when I stop paying?

Your data will be stored on the platform for 30 days and then deleted completely upon two successive notices. If you decide later to resume your work, you will need to enter the data all over again.

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